Sunday, February 19, 2012

V-day dinner Pt.2

Have I ever told you guys how much I love Marvin Gaye? When people ask me who I'd want to bring back from the dead and have dinner with the answer is always the same: my mother and Marvin Gaye. In lieu of that I declare this week Marvin Gaye week. Now I leave you with Trouble Man  simply the truest words ever spoke...or sang!

 Sooo I cooked a big dinner in v-day so today I will be giving the side dish recipes. My next post will be about the meats! Now lets begin with our veggies. The green beans are very easy. 

 You'll need:
frozen green beans, could be fresh
herbed butter 

1.Soak the beans in warm water for about 30 mins then drain for about an hour.
2.Boil some water,and place a strainer on top and place the beans in the strainer.
3.Let them steam for about 25 mins on med heat,then toss them in a tblspn herbed butter,salt and pepper.

The final product...not to worry the salmon recipe will be along shortly.

Onto scalloped potatoes, I only used 2 potatoes I thought I was going to need more..and this was my very first time ever making scalloped potatoes,anywhoslbees here's what you'll need:

2 potatoes
3/4's of a cup of heavy cream(feel free to sub some of this with milk)
1 c shredded asiago cheese
Few slices of gruyere cheese
half a cup of cubed white cheddar
black pepper
2 tblspns butter

1) Peel then slice the potatoes potato chip thin. Get your casserole dish and rub butter throughout the dish. Then begin to line up your potatoes.

2.After the all the cheese as been shredded,cubed and sliced begin to make the sauce.(Please don't bother making this recipe if you are on a diet)
3. The butter goes in a sauce pot on low. Always begin a cheese sauce on low because you don't want the butter to burn or the cheese to curdle. After the butter has begun to melt down pour in the heavy cream and begin to whisk.
4. Put in all of the asiago and turn the heat off,sprinkle in pepper and whisk like your life depends on it. If you'd like the sauce to be thicker and about another half cup of cheese.
5. Now go ahead and preheat the oven to 375,then pour the sauce over the potatoes,drop in the cubed cheese and place the sliced gruyere over the top.

After it has baked for about 35 mins it will magically look like this:

Ta da!! I believe I grated a lil bit more asiago and sprinkled it on top after it came out the oven,thats optional tho. It was pure cheesey goodness!
Next time we tackle the meats!! Who's ready?

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  1. Forget about these being amazing side dishes I think I will take them as my main thanks :D
    The dishes all look yum, especially those potatoes!

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