Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Sensations Pastry review

Lookey,lookey I've got some more Marvin Gaye for you bloggers & bloggettes! Inner City Blues has one of the most distinctive bass lines in R&B history. I promise I didn't just make that up I read it in an article in high school! Being from Highland Pk (a city surrounded by Detroit) I understand the blues of the inner city. Marvin wrote this song for all of us who grew up in the hood,witnessing the bad,ugly and uglier.

I bought a groupon for Sweet sensations pastry it was $6 for $10 worth of goodies. Everything was amazing,the icing on the carrot cupcake was the best thing ever in life,and the chocolate buttercream had a strong expresso flavor to it,and I did not like that. Everything was really scrumptious tho! Watch my review here, enjoy!

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