Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines dinner and a raspberry icing to die for!

So yes I know that vday has come and gone but I just love this song and I had to share it with ya'll. Happy Valentines Day is Andre 3000's Valentines greeting to the world,it's cute upbeat and it makes me wanna dance,and we all know I was diagnosed with boogie fever at birth!

Every year for valentines day I cook for myself. Well this year I was so excited able to invite my friends to join me! I cooked a chicken in a crock pot!! Can you believe that? I didn't know that was even possible. Today however I'll just be showing pictures and giving the recipe for the raspberry icing. I really wanted pink icing to top of my chocolate cupcakes,and I did not want to use dye. So I found an awesome recipe that called for beet powder. Then I couldn't find it anywhere. I found some online but it would've cost me $16 to have it here in time!!! Nope,couldn't do it,thats when I stumbled upon a recipe for raspberry buttercream, here is the recipe. It wasn't quite thick enough to pipe tho,what am I doing wrong? I don't know, it was good tho.

And that's that I sprinkled some red sugar on top,and used some leftover raspberries to top them off,they're sooo yummy! Here are the other pics from the evening!

                                I made the centerpiece myself !

The crockpot chicken,scalloped potatoes,steamed grn beans and baked salmon.
                                       It's meeeee!

Be sure to join me later this week for the rest of the recipes,you won't want to miss it!!


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