Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Perfect Cornish hen!

Today's song is a song of inspiration. Anthem Of Praise is what I like to call a battle song by Richard Smallwood. I find it very soothing whenever I'm going thru something really tough,it really gets me amped up and reminds me that I can get over any hurdle!

Soooo I made a corninsh hen for thanksgiving dinner.I used to bake these alot in college but I hadn't in a while. I saw 2 on sale for $2 so I HAD to buy them!So I marinated the hen for about 24hrs then baked it on 400 for about 35mins.Here's what you'll need:

I used 1.5 c's olive oil
.5 c's white wine
Half of the lemons juice
2 tspns salt& garlic pepper
1 tblespn rosemary,chopped
Whisk it all together then put the lime in the coke you nut! No really put the hen in the bowl,put that in the fridge,making sure the lid is on tight.

Then 24 hrs later you bake the hen on 400 for about 35 mins...Now heres the part I'm kind of embarrassed about...after the baking and taking out of the oven I was so hungry I forgot to take a pic of it,LOL.I just started cutting and eating,haha.Here are the pics I do have:

It looks good doesn't it??

And here lies the I didn't eat it all at once,I carved the meat off and put it away so that I could throw all that away.The hen was pretty good! Next time I want to do something kinda spicy and smokey,hmmm I'm excited!

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