Friday, December 9, 2011

Breakfast cupcakes

Well today is another Xmas song cause I'm in that kinda mood. We've all heard The Christmas Song done a zillion different ways,well this is Babyface's rendition,and I really enjoy it.Did I ever tell you guys that I wanted to marry Babyface until I was about 7yrs old?? HAHA How weird is that?? Most girls had a things for BoyzII Men or Bell,Biv,Devoe and I did to,but I was determined to marry babyface. Yea I know I'm crazy!

Well today I have brought to you the awesome breakfast cupcake!! This was made for me by a dear friend a few weeks ago,when I went home. He used sausage,I used bacon but same thing.There are many variations you can do with this,thats why I like it! Here's what you'll need:

4 eggs
4 pcs of bread (no particular type)
4 pinches of butter
4 pcs of bacon
1/2 c cheddar cheese
Pinches of salt & pepper

1) Grab the muffin pan and spray the insides with butter.Then grab a cup or a jar and cut the bread into little circles,use a knife for precision!
2) Put the bread into the muffin pan and put a slab,pinch of butter on top.

"Now your cookin with oil" as my grandfather would say! 

 Opps I forgot to tell you to cook the bacon....Cook the bacon the cut it in half and put in on the bread.

 Then add the cheese,and pack it down so that the egg fits.Now pre-heat the oven to 400,its almost time!!

 Now top the cupcake off with the egg,yea it will be messy and it might run.Thats fine get another pan and put it under the muffin pan.Then sprinkle some salt & pepper on top,now put them in the oven for 20mins.

Take this time to clean up,apply for jobs and pour yourself a mimosa! Then before you know it .....

My friends looked neater..but I think he put the cheese under the meat,anyway they turned out well.Next time I think I will used actual sausage,maybe a chorizo...mmm yummmm!!

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