Friday, December 16, 2011

Ladies Night!!

I must have been about 14 yrs old by the time I realized that Greensleeves was considered an Xmas song,is that odd??Haha in our house my father damn near worshipped Coltrane so this was a song we listened to whilst eating our chili gumbo on a cool evening in March.It really never dawned on me it was a Christmas song.
PS I know Coltrane is the start here but really listen to what McCoy Tyner is doing!

My ladies night was this past wknd and it was a lot of fun.Everyone made their own pizzas and bought their fav bottle of something.This was an economical way for me to have some fun.Since I'm not employed right now but I really wanted to do something and have ppl over this was perfect.I only had to make the toppings,a few desserts,grab some wine and prepare the just add water crust.I will in a later post share the cupcake and buttercream recipe...ugh I'm beginning to think I was not made to make buttercream from scratch.Here are some pics to recap our night!!

 I took alot of pictures...these are the toppings:top-homemade sauce & spinach and a special seasoning mix just for the crust;middle-olives,chicken chirozo,mushrooms & onions;bottom-mozz,cheddar & parmesan cheese.

 I just loved this lil bulbs so cute...and cheap,surrounded by choc chip cookie recip I shared a few wks ago.
Above is microwaved popcorn I just tossed it in a simple cheese sauce I'd made,the Hershey's kisses are always a nice touch and there are cookies'n cream.Oh yea and they're lies the cupcakes with the buttercream from hell!

I had 2 poinseittas because they were on sale,and a great table decoration!

Some of the wine
 I think the top pizza was mine,and the bottom must be Tiauna's because she puts spinach on EVERYTHING.

 We call this eggnog happy!
Sharing a lovely moment!

It's meeee!I've been practicing my Adele eyeliner,can you tell?

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