Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My 1 yr Blogaversary!!!(un-edited)

I am not a big fan of Corinne Bailey Rae but this song is IT!! Closer mixes sass with a bit of the big band sound and a bit of the friday evening wind down. Corrine has the perfect voice to float over every note,never over any doing anything,it's just right.

Well kiddies today marks one whole year that I've had this blog!! Can you believe it?? I can all of the blood sweat and tears agonizing over starting the blog,then mapping out exactly what I wanted this blog to be like.Let's take a journey back to last year and where I was when I started this blog.

The first thing that comes into mind is the devastation that I was going thru as I started this blog. I do believe thats alot of the reason I started the blog...I needed something to keep me company...something to keep my mind off of my devastation. I digress...
My boyfriend had broken up with me out of nowhere. I was completely surprised and never saw it coming. I was soooo convinced that he was going to be my husband,I had never felt a sadness like I did when that happened.For the life of me as hard as I tried I could not make myself ok.

I was incredibly lonely,barely had any friends and the man I was convinced God had sent to me had left me,with out a care as to how I felt.I was MISERABLE,but no one could tell because I don't show or express any type of feeling or emotion because I really don't like to let ppl into who I am.

I needed an outlet,I needed something to do to take my mind away from:the man God had teased me with then taken away from me, my career which I felt was going nowhere and my life which I felt was chugging along waaayyy to slowly.

I started my blog as a way to escape everything that I was feeling and to maybe even generate more revenue. This blog kept (and still does) me company,but especially back then. I researched blogs for a good 4 wks,read a bunch of food blogs and finally one day decided I was going to do it. I actually drew out how I wanted the blog to look. What pic's were gonna go where,all that good stuff.I remember being sooo geeked when I got my very first comment! I don't even remember what post it was on,but that finally meant that someone was reading my blog.Lets be honest though,in the beginning this blog was for me. I needed this,to give me an outlet. Then others started reading the posts and I realized that there are other ppl who are actually quite interested in my recipes.

So as I sit here a yr later and recall upon all the things that have happened within this year:I wound up getting back with  my ex in May of this year we broke up again in July.I had never gotten over him and I realize that I needed to get back with him for God to show me what kinda asshole he really is. It hurt but had we not gotten back together I woulda gone to my grave thinking that he was the one.Yes ya'll it was that bad.I'm un-employed, no longer working in an office that I DESPISED.My grandfather died and I'm just starting to realize how much I miss him.I have no security and I don't know what tomorrow brings,oh but its been a decent year.Every experience has brought me somewhere,closer to me and closer to God.

Thank you all for reading this blog and for all your comments,I might forget to respond sometimes but I read them and they are sooo encouraging.Oh and I've decided to finally go to culinary school.I don't know exactly where yet but I will finally be enrolled by at least the summer of 2012!!

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