Friday, December 30, 2011

Chocolate lollipops!

Hey guys, What are you Doing New years eve? really? sounds fun!! No seriously that is today's song. Nancy Wilson's rendition,one of my fav's,its been done soooo many times,what is your favorite rendition?

Todays recipe is yet again inspired by Ina Garten...I saw her do this and I said "I wanna do that"  so I made some chocolate lollipops.Now I completely forgot to take pics for the during process and all of my measurements are guestimated but you'll be able to gage from my recipe and tweak it as you'd like!Here's what you'll need:

1/2 c of shredded sweetened coconut
8oz semi sweet chocolate
8 4in craft sticks
1/2c heavy whipping cream

1)Set up a double broiler for boil some water on medium in a pot and put a heat resistant bowl on top.

2) Chop up the chocolate,roughly does not need to be neat.Dump in the chocolate stir it around dont over stir,let it melt.

3) When the water begins to boil stir a bit more constantly,pour in a lil under half of the cream and stir. Use a nice heavy spoon,DO NOT use a whisk.The chocolate is thick and it will get stuck.

4) Pour in the other half of the cream and turn the heat off.Stir constantly till smooth (about 4 mins),now let it cool for about 10 mins and take it off the stove.Take this time to a charger big enough for the pops ooorrr use a cookie sheet and some foil.

5)Now take a spoonfull of chocolate and pour it onto the foil,get the craft stick and turn it over into the chocolate.Now top it off with a few pinches of coconut.Let it harden for about 10 mins then they go into the freezer for 1hr & 15 mins.
Then they look like this!

You'll want to gently use a metal pie scoop to lift the lolli off the charger.Now if you have nothing else to do and you love crafts you will get tissue paper and ribbon and wrap the lolli up to look like this:

Then you will put these into a takeout carton you got from Michaels,and give them away as gifts!
 This will be my last post of the year,have a happy and safe new year and thank you all sooo much for reading and commenting!

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