Monday, December 5, 2011

Lucky Platter

Today we'll be Rockin Around the Christmas tree with Brenda Lee. I do sooo love this song. Whenever I hear about it I think about the part of Home Alone where McCauley Caulkin has been left behind and he sets up a bunch of cardboard statues so that the theives will think he's having a party.So needless to say I have a special dance I do when I hear this song....I'll spare you!

A few weeks ago I had lunch with my brother at this funkily creatively decorated place called The Lucky Platter in Evanston IL.It was kind of a weird looking place but the food was on point,am I going back? Hells yeah!

The decor was something else!!

Yep thats foil on the ceiling...I dont know why,LOL!

  Yep that's a colander being used as a chandelier!

My french toast was amazing! it was covered with cornflakes! How cool is that,and they used a really fluffy cinnamon bread,yummness.

 The potatoes...ahh they were so tasty,I couldn't finish them I had them for breakfast next morning!Oh yea and they had cilantro on top,yall know how much I love cilantro!

Can you believe all this delicious food was only like $9??There are some really great brunch places in Evanston...exploring is soo much fun!

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