Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vanilla Cupcakes & Chocolate buttercream

Neither One Of Us will go down in history as a song I hold so very near and dear to my heart.It is in my opinion one of the most beautiful ballads out there.I recall a certain relationship that always makes me think of this song.You know the aren't happy he isnt happy,but you think there maybe some hope..some light at the end of the tunnel.Well there isnt,and you have got to cut the cord,farewell my love.

Ok remember the cupcakes & buttercream I made.Well the cupcakes turned out great! You can find the recipe here oh and I swapped out the sour cream for vanilla yogurt.
My grandma never allowed me  to eat/taste all the batter w/the raw egg in it...well grandma wasn't here...   

I used an apple corer to take the middle out so that I could fill it with butter cream.Just be careful not to go all the down with the corerer in the cupcake, does that make sense?

 They were really for the icicng...

Here is the icing recipe I followed it to a tee,I promise.It just wasn't thick enough then I added more sugar to it...and it didn't work.The taste was just fine,delicious but the consistency was all wrong! Help me out guys what did I do,do you think I beat the butter too much??You can look at the pic above and tell that the icing is runny.If ya'll have any suggestions I'd appreciate it..or am I just doomed to use store bought buttercream for the rest of my life?

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