Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bangers N' Mash!

This song is just the cutest song ever.Leavin  by Jesse McCartney,is a totally cute,bubble gum pop,12 yr old girl appropriate song. In this world where so much of the music is vile and degrading,I find this song boppy & and perfect for my kids.. if I had any.

How was Xmas guys?? Mine was pretty dern good,I think I may have eaten to much but I'm still ticking.Anywhoslebees,yea you read the title right I made bangers and mash.Last week I needed something to eat for dinner and I didn't want to go grocery shopping,because I knew with Xmas I'd have a fridge full of food and I didn't want to add to that. I looked at what I had and realized I could make bangers n'mash.So,lets go to the fair!! Here's what you'll need:

All of this + a clove of chopped garlic

You'll need all these too.
1) Peel,chop & boil the potato till fork tender,then but the chorizo in the oven on 400 for about 20 mins.
2) I used two grn onions and 2 slices of bacon and sauteed them,then set them aside.
3) Now it should be time to mash the potato..mash it slightly then add in a 1 tblspn of herb butter and 1/2 c heavy cream,mix then continue to mash.After all is mashed,stir in 1/4th c of colby cheese,garlic,few dash's of salt & pepper and garlic pepper.Stir well.
4) Now the chorizo is ready to come out,pile up the potatoes,cut the chorizo in half and style in upon the potatoes,then sprinkle the onions and bacon on top.

Ohhh it was sooo good.It may not be the typical British dish but when do I ever do anything typically??

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