Friday, September 2, 2011

Red Velvet Cake

Well todays song reminds me of home.Twas a favorite in my household and it combined 2 amazing artists in a ballad that will not ever be forgotten.The best is yet to come is an awesome song,appropriate for a wedding or a day at the beach...or for a friday morning blog.

Sooo for my bday I got a giftcard to Williams & Sonoma(the best place in the world) and I bought a red velvet cake mix.I finally decided to try it last night...I really hesitated in sharing this with you guys because i don't like the way the cake looks.I should have cut the top off the cake to make it look better...I didn't because at the time I didn't think I needed to at the time.Whenever I bake something does not come out the way I want it to.The taste of the pure yumness,but I just don't like the way it looks.I didn't have enough confectionary sugar it was 90 degrees and I was feeling crampish so I had to use the buttercream I had on hand,which made the icing not as stiff as i wanted it to be.Ugh,i would'nt call this a disaster cause its really good cake;it's just not perfect like I wanted it to.Also I threw away the box w/out copying the directions sooo i have no recipe.I'll just show you pictures and vent.


So this is how it all began the mix was only about $14,please be careful it will stain your counter tops. I spilled..cause that what I'm into.I used a lysol wipe with lysol sprayed on the counter,it faded but uts still there.I have company coming today!! I'll try bleach later to today.

After mixing for about 7 mins I greased to 9in pans and in the oven they went.

It really is a very smooth mixture,however as you can see i didn't really need two pans.The box said i would but i really could have baked it all in one bigger pan and cut it in half after it cooled.But nope I followed directions.

....and this is what I got.Onto the frosting,the recipe called for 3/4 c of confectionary sugar but I only had about 3/4's of that so i used store bought buttercream.What would you have done??Seriously I wanna know.

After whipping the frosting in shape I must admit I was pretty impressed.

I made waaay to much icing.My suggestion is use the box mix it's great but get your own recipe.To spruce the cake up a bit I sprinkled some red sugar on and a few white candy pearls.This is I said the icing was not as thick as i would have liked to I couldn't do the spoon pattern with the icing.So that's that.Not real proud of the looks of it,but its delicious.

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