Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fish n' Chips

Hey ya'll today I bring you the relaxing sounds of John Coltrane. Soul Eyes is a beautiful song thats kinda special to me because I played this in college for an audition,on the violin.It really rocked!! Anywhoooo I hope you enjoy!

Most of you know by now that I rarely fry anything,last weekend however I jus really wanted to eat some of the whiting that I had in the freezer,and I wanted to do something different with it.I decided to fry it, then I thought "ah I've got a potato in the fridge,I should make chips". So I did.I also made a zesty little remoulade sauce. I'll have to prewarn you however...I really didn't measure anything for the sauce, J'ai regrette(I'm sorry). Here is what you need:

So it starts w/mayo I would guestimate about a quarter of a cup.4 dash's of hot sauce and about a tbl spn red pepper,its pretty zippy! about a tblspn dill and lemon juice then salt to taste. Sometimes I add in green onions I just didn't have any that day.

for the potato chips

1)Get a deep pot and turn the eye on med, then pour in about 3 parts vege oil to 1 part sesame oil.Let the oil get hot it takes about 10mins well for my old ass stove anyway!.
2) SLice that tater up as thin as you can get,if you have a mandolin,use it.Make sure that you have a tray lined with paper towel for after the chips are finished.
3) Put the chips in,in 3 different batches. If you want them really crunchy leave them in for about 7 mins,then sprinkle them with salt and pepper.You gotta do it while they're hot!

Now for the fish and chips:
2 pieces thawed whiting,cut in pieces on bias
1.5 c's of flour & 1 c of cornmeal
2 c's buttermilk
Few dashes of salt & cayenne pepper

You will use the same oil you fried the chips in.

1) Soooo mix together the cornmeal,flour,salt & cayenne then pour the buttermilk in a bowl.
2) Dip the fish first in the buttermilk then coat w/...well coating(cornmeal mixture)

3) Fry about 4 pieces at a time,and when they come out lightly sprinkle with salt.These only need to be fried for about 5 mins,they will cook fast.

As you can see my chips were not as crunch as I would have liked but they were still pretty good,and hot! The fish was soo good especially with the sauce!

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