Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sur La Table

Today's song is not very common and pretty hard to find.I don't know when it came out but my father used to have what i call a "mix master". Now this was back in the day before,waayyy before itunes and alll that stuff;my dad had a guy that could find any song and put it on a tape (yes youngins a tape,) for you.Well the mix master had a hard time finding this song,but somehow one day he'd found it and was able to put it on a tape for my dad.When will you be mine? embodies every aspect of a big band from the 20's or 30's but with much more soul.

Well kiddies today's blog os a vlog! i just love these,the video phone is such an amazing invention.Who ever woulda thunk it?? Anyhoo this one is about my findings at one of my favorite shops,enjoy! Sur la Table

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