Monday, August 29, 2011

A Food Truck Social

Today I bring to you music from the un-sung Knowles sister,Solange. I prefer Solange over Beyonce.They both sing really well but Solange has a style and creativity...a uniqueness her sister does not possess.I decided is a spirited,peppy song that combines a present day Solange Knowles with the flavor of the supremes,and the Shirelles.You will like it!

This weekend I went to my very first food truck social.Whats that? Glad you asked, its where all of the best food trucks in chicago take about about 3 blocks space on the west side and ppl come and taste,listen to live music and enjoy.Some of the proceeds went to hungry children,so thats always good.
It started at noon and it was truly my intention to get there by 1245 at the very latest.Did not happen.I CAN NOT  watch the first 15 mins of Ghost whisperer and not see it thru,i just can't.I had to watch that and then I was waiting for a novel I ordered from amazon to show never came,ugh. Anyhooslebee's I had to get an oil change first so I didn't there till about 230pm and it was packed.I didn't try as much food as I would have liked because the lines were waaayy too long.I got some goodies tho...

You see what I mean by crowded.... 

I thought these candles were adorable,and all handmade.  
Sweet ride is a great dessert truck and they never disappoint! 2 sugar cookies for $5! 

Then I headed over here:
where I got a German chocolate brownie for $3...something.It was ricccch but delicious.As I stated previously there were other trucks I wish i had gotten there earlier to try,but I really enjoyed what I did get.

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