Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bakin & Eggs...prepare to wait.

Well kiddies today's song is the very reason I wanted to become a singer.This is kinda where is started when I heard Lisa Fischer singing How Can I ease the pain I wanted to sing forever,and I wanted her voice.Now I couldn't have been more than 5 when this came out,but I knew every single word and adlib,every single breath she took.If you are old enough to remember this song you know it was hott!

Sunday after church I went with groupon in tow to Bakin & eggs a nice little spot in lakeview. I got there shortly after noon and it was already packed and there were 4 or 5 families outside waiting to be seated.Luckily I was by myself,so i was able to come right in and sit at the bar.The place has a really country feel to it.These pics are taken with my phone's camera so bear with me.
You can't see it real well but the shelf is lines with mason jars,very rustic,very country!

This was how my bill came to me,how darling is this? I haven't seen one of these since I was doing laundry in my grandparents basement years ago.

I ordered the spinach,mushroom & gruyere frittat with the cheese grits and chicken sausage.The frittat was bland,like the mushrooms and spinach had not been seasoned at all.I won't be ordering that again.The cheese grits & sausage was amazingly tasty.I'll be back for those.As I mentioned before I had a groupon worth $15 and my bill at this point was only $11.So I headed over to the baked goods counter and this was the real treat.

I bought these 3 cupcakes and came in only $2 over budget.1 carrot cake,vanilla on vanilla and chocolate on chocolate.I can't wait to get back for more of these and to try some of their pies.If your in town and want to check it out here are my suggestions:

Get there before 11am,don't order the same frittata,and get a carrot cake cupcake!

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