Monday, September 26, 2011

Lasagna cupcakes

Today in remembrance of the life and career of Vesta Williams I will be playing her most famous song Congratulations.What a talented lady and my heart does go out to her family.

Well this weekend I finally got around to making my version of lasagna cupcakes.They are adorable and perfect for a party.They're small but filling and rich,so don't eat too many! I found this amazing cheese sauce recipe months ago and couldn't wait to use it! I was finally able to use it last night,but instead of using whipping cream I used milk,I already had it.In any event after you made the sauce here's what you'll need:

Tbl spn olive oil
1 c shrimp
12 wonton wrappers
Dashes of salt & pepper

About 12 this slices of white cheddar and 1/2 c of yellow shredded cheddar.

Now after the sauce has been made its time to work on the shrimp.Actually looking back on it, make the sauce as you are cooking the shrimp.The sauce gets clumpy as it cools and you have to re-heat it slightly to make it smooth.

-Peel the shrimp and put into a bowl,toss w/olive oil,salt & pepper.Put this on a baking sheet and into the over on 350 for about 8 mins.

-While the shrimp is in the oven you take that time to line your cupcake pan with liners,then butter those liners so the "cupcake" doesn't stick.After they have been buttered lay the wonton paper into the liners.

-At this point the shrimp is out and you can began to assemble! this is how I do it:
1)Put a tble spn of sauce into the wonton and spread it around,just on the bottom
2)Put 2 pcs of shrimp on top of the sauce then 1 slice w.cheddar.Then top it with y.cheddar.Thats it,then they go in the oven on 375 for 10 mins.

Take this time to clean up the kitchen so that when Deperate Housewives comes on you can just sit back and enjoy!

When the cupcakes are done they look like this

Like I said rich,but sinfully inviting in the best way possible! Does this look anything like a cupcake?

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