Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spinach,squash and shrimp (3 S's)

Well yall have probably guessed by now that I'm not a big fan of rap.Today's song is classic rap,rap when it was actually a decent genre of music..I don't know what it is now.Round the way Girl is my very favorite LL Cool J song.It reminds me of a few of the women in my family,it's just a chill song. Also (interesting tidbit) This is the only rap song I know %90 of the words to!

The 3 S's well this just kinda came to me this week. I wanted a dinner with no carbs because I'd had toast for breakfast and a $8 sandwich from cafe Bacci.It was soooo good.Thats how I came up with this,and it was pretty tasty. Everything is cooked in layers and if you don't like alot of flavour this is NOT the dish for you.It's packed w/little pockets of goodness.Here's what you need:

 2 yellow squash,2 cloves garlic
handful cilantro,cup of shrimp,4th c 
of parmesan cheese,Spinach,olive oil,
lime juice,tagine spice,crushed chili pepper,salt.
1.As I said everything is cooked in layers. After the spinach has been washed and is draining,the squash has been washed & cut.In a saute pan with the heat on medium put enough olive oil to coat then in goes the shrimp,garlic and  2 caps full of lime juice and crushed pepper.Cook until pink,like this.

2.Take shrimp out and set aside then cook squash,with 2 pinches salt.Cook until fork tender so about 7 mins.Then set that aside.

3. Finally its time to cook the spinach.Pour more oil in the pan on low heat then put in the spinach. It's really important that everything be cooked in the same pan,so many amazing seasonings! Back to spinach,saute it with tagine spice,cilantro and salt.Cook until wilted.Then you can plate! Spinach should cover the plate,then squash on top of that lastly the shrimp and cheese and then....BAMN!!

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