Friday, April 1, 2011

White Chocolate truffles

Happy April Fools day! Did you know that today marks the 27th year of Marvin Gaye's death? Sad because I believe he was one of the most prohpetic singers & lyricist's of our time. Sadder because it was his father who killed him. I certainly miss Marvin but his music will live on thru my itunes.

I was making room for new groceries yesterday when I realized I had a fair amount of the white choc. left in a bowl. I decided to make truffles. A very lazy version of truffles. The recipe for the white choc. drizzle is in the link above. I'll give you a few tips:

~Don't touch the chocolate tomuch with your hands because your body heat will break it down.

~Use a very small ice cream scoop the kind w/ the lever on it to scoop out the chocolate.

Now Please give me some tips. How do you get yours to stay in a perfect ball? I always have like a crack down the bottom. I'm open to any suggestions. Now this was very simple and took all of 10mins. For dusting I got out some, pumpkin spice, granulated sugar, powdered sugar and cinnamon. You just use your ice cream scoop put the truffle down on a plate and dust with whatever you'd like. I always like to have at least one truffle dusted with everything! Pure yumness.

They are really good and so sweet. They remind me of fudge, because they're thick, they are quite tasty. Make sure to stay tuned this wknd for the best turkey burger, you unfortunately will only be able to see!!

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