Monday, April 4, 2011

The Best damn turkey burger ever!

I have been looking forwar to this blog for many moons now. On saturday I made the best burger ever in life that you will ever have! Yes!! I don't eat red meat so this turkey burger w/ garlic & cilantro is my ultimate burger. Growing up turkey burgers were one of my fav meals that my grandfather would make.He never kicked it up quite like this though.

If I recall correctly a few yrs ago i was fiddlin faddlin around in the kitchen wondering how I could make a fresher,more intensely packed with flavor burger (can you tell how much I love this thing?) that's how it came to be that I would chop up garlic & cilantro(my fav herb,it even goes in my eggs) and put it into the burger. So lets get to business kiddies.

Here's what you'll need:

1)First you make the burger, the only things you'll need is well clearly the turkey,hand full cilantro, 2sm garlic cloves and a dash of salt and pepper. Do it with your hands,do it!

2) Pour some olive oil down on the grill and put the burger down. I put a sm frying pan on top to keep the burger from puffing up. You could also make a tiny well in the middle os the burger but that never works as well.

I let that cook for 25min flipping only once. Yes I know you thing 25mins is a long time but this grill does not heat like a frying pan therefore taking longer to cook. Trust me the burger was not dry, and just like my meat cooked really well. Meanwhile..... I made some sweet potato fries, here what you'll need for those.

Don't use canola oil use olive oil, i dont know why I just grabbed this and put this in the shot. Oh and clearly you will need a sweet potato

1)After said potato has been peeled you will cut it up into fry like...well fries. Toss & coat them in all seasonings.

2)Go easy on the chili powder,the fries should not be spicy...unless you want them to.

3) Put them onto a baking pan lined with foil & sparayed with butter.

4) They go in the oven, yes the oven on 400 for about 15mins.

Over yonder its time to get the bacon,b peppers & onion on the grill.

The bacon will cook fast so its the first to be taken off the grill. I like to let the onions get a lil brown,and the peppers kinda cooked but I dont want them to loose their crunch. After about 8 mins they're ready to come off as well, and now its time to assemble the most awesome burger in the world.Wait I almost forgot to tell you,tost the bun! It needs to be toasted for about 8 mins. When it comes of smear on some sweet & tangy mustard( only 3 bucks @ World Market) on both sides. No we shall assemble:

From bottom up the order is this: bun,provolone cheese, peppers & onion, burger, cheese, bun!

Here's the finished product

I don't brag on myself or toot my own horn because I am a firm believer that there's always someone out there who can do what you do and do it better. I also believe that as far as I go in life, I'm always in a position to learn more. But is this not the best burger ever. Bobby Flay where are you? I hear a challenge...


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