Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anheuser-Busch Buys Goose Island

For those of use who live in Chicago we are quite familiar with Goose Island beer. Some of you have problem heard that Anheuser -Busch bought them for $38.8 million. Chicagoans all over are having mixed reactions to this. I read a poll where about 3,880 had been polled and were basically asked if they thought this would change the beer and was this a good or bad decision. The majority of them said they thought this was a bad idea. This is the initial story I read in the red eye,a condensed version.,0,655500.story I understand they're concern, and I kinda felt the same way but here are the facts as I've read them: * This deal has kinda been in the works for a minute, so obviously Goose Island has thought this out very well. *With Busch having now bought GI this should help with distribution,a problem I was unaware of,not that I would know because in no way am I a beer aficionado. Anyhoo.. *GI is currently only distributing in 30 states. That's it guys just 30. Did you know Busch distributes damn near all over this country? * Now here is the stinker a few of the beers are being dropped from the line because of capacity...what I don't want to happen is they keep "dropping beers because of capacity" and next thing you know,we don't recognize Goose Island beer anymore. After reading all the articles I've read I'm thinking this could be a really good thing. What about you? Did Goose Island sell out? Yes no or maybe,dont be afraid to post ur comments.

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