Saturday, April 16, 2011

I like to drink!!

Yeah there I've said it! Now it's out there. It occurred to me few days ago as I was looking thru my list of posts that I've never written anything about alcohol. Well there's no time like the present so today I'll tell you my 3 favorite drinks,starting with a shot...

3.Kamikaze...I love a good shot of kamikaze. I didnt start drinking until I was 21. I remember it was the first shot I had, and its been my shot of choice ever since. It's sweet and girlish but it gets where you need to go...if you know what I mean,hehehe.You can find the recipe here:
Kamikaze Shooter recipe

2. The amaretto sour, I like sweet drinks;I know I seem like a sugarholic but I'm really not.I love this because its kinda tangy,still sweet so you don't quite taste all the liquor your drinking and if its done right it will have a cherry in it!You can find the recipe here: How to make an Amaretto Sour: Cocktail Recipe |

1.A white russian, I looove it and I always get it with no ice. Whenever I drink it I feel almost nutritious because it has milk in it,crazy right? This drink is a kicker because the buzz of the kahlua and the vodka creeps right up on you. It's the best! Here's the recipe:
White Russian Cocktail Recipe - How to Make a White Russian Mixed Drink

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