Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Curried sweet potato & chicken,wellington maybe??

This title has you a little thrown doesn't it?Yeah me too. This is it in a nut shell: I have filo dough in my freezer thats been there since like December. I wanted to used it but I wanted to try to experiment and make a meal that is not typical for me. I decided I would make chicken wellington, even printed of a recipe. Then I was laying in bed watching Aarti party on the food channel and she was making curried lamb, and all of a sudden I wanted to do curried chicken, so thats what I did. Its curried sweet potato & chicken wrapped in filo dough, hott damn it was good!

Here's what you'll need..... and cayenne pepper.

1. Slice up a quarter of the onion, cube the sweet potato, cube the chicken. Cut off the tail end of the ginger peel it and grate a healthy tbspn.

2. Get out the filo and be careful. Get a towel,that you dry dishes with and dampen it. Take a big cookie sheet and turn ot over. Lay the filo down and cover it with the damp towel.

3. I never get this step right,I always have to go back for more butter. Get about 1/2 c of butter and melt it.It's for the filo,dont be hasty I'll tell you what to do with it soon!

4. Turn pan on high heat and pour in enough olive oil to coat then dump in the potatoes,after they've cooked about 6 mins in go the onions.I'm a big fan of layering flavor, so just season the potatoes & onions with 2 good pinches salt & cayenne.( sorry guys i really hardly measure anything)

5. After the onions begin to brown,turn the heat to low.In goes the chicken,ginger & curry powder. Pour in 1/2 c of chicken stock(can you believe its organic aannndd it was only like $3.oo)

put the top on and let simmer on low for about 12 mins.

6. This is filo time. Layer 4 sheets of filo w/butter between each sheet. If the filo rips dont split your wig, it will all bake together.

7. By this time the chicken is done cooking so you pour the curried mixture onto 1 side of the filo. Not to the very edge tho. Now you just wrap it up and fold the edges under,it looks like this:

It goes in the oven on 375 for approx 22mins and it comes out looking like this!!

It was really good yall, just the right amount of cayenne pepper gave it a nice edge. Looking back I should have but the onions and potatoes in at the same time...a few of the potatoes were a little over cooked. I enjoyed it though!

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