Thursday, April 14, 2011

State St. Pizza Co.

I had a living social deal for state street pizza. I paid $10 for $20 worth of pizza,being the pizza whore that I am this was a no brainer of course I purchased the deal. Here's the menu ( This place definitely reminds me of a college hang out. Very little seating tiny place they even have a window that you can walk up to and order from. It's really kinda cute. I ordered the Q pizza which looks like this:
Yes I bite it..I had to it smelled sooo good.Now I have several pet peeves I mean I really could go on for days with that list, but lucky for yall I won't. This place hit 2 of my pet peeves: the first one, after I place my order I ask about how long will it take. The cashier says no more than 10mins. WTH?? We all know that any good pizza even with already prepped ingredients takes at least 20mins. Don't lie to me, I already paid,I'm not gonna walk out! The pizza took 22mins, luckily I carry a novel and my blogging notebook damn near everywhere I go.

The 2nd peeve: The crust was soooo bland. It honestly tasted like a cracker,seriously, no flavour. Crust is a big part of pie right? It should be seasoned as such, it was not. The actual pizza was quite good, I felt that the onions should have been grilled as opposed to raw, but it was good. I could see myself grabbing a slice or so down there if I'm just hanging out. That's about it tho.

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