Friday, April 22, 2011

Chicken Calzone

I'm bringing ya'll some church this morning with our song of the day. It's I believe by Debbie & Angie Winans. Yes that's bebe & Cece's younger sisters,all from Detroit. This is such an amazing song about the power of belief, and how when things are not how you'd prefer them to be you must continue to believe.This song came out close to about 15 yrs ago and has seen me thru many a dark night & day.

I"ll tell you the first time I had a calzone I was in high school. There was this place on he southwest side of Detroit called Amicci's and they were forever delivering to my HS.They had the best calzone's all slatheres in garlic butter yummers. Not to healthy but thats what HS is about,eating badly.When I went to college my love for calzones grew even more at this place called Bells and they had like whopper calzones. They're huge! Last night I made my own,here's what you'll need:


~Blk olives,half a can, 1/2 c mozz, 1/2 c feta, 8 mushrooms sliced in half (oh yea the olives are in half to) 1 chicken breast.

1)Clearly you will need to wash the shrooms and dry them,cut them in half. Drain the olives and cut them in half.Pour 1/2 c of feta and just give a few more chops.

2) On a different cutting board cut up the chicken breast.

3) On low high heat put down enough olive oil to cover the base of the pan.Begin to cook the chicken,after its been in for about 7 mins in go the shrooms.

3.a)After they begin to brown you can pour in the sauce,and olives. Let them all make love together on low heat for about 12mins...or however long it takes you to get the dough together.

Ok the dough said to use 1/2 c of warm water.You wont be needing a 1/2 cup a lil under that.Besides that is was business as usual.

Load up the calzone , you know I forgot to spray butter in the pan,but I didnt really have any problems getting out. After you have folded over the other side,this goes in the oven on 400 for 15mins. This gives you time to clean up the kitchen and watch some of The Office. Also gives you time to make a mixture of leftover feta,garlic pepper & olive oil to brush on the calzone when it comes out,looking like this.

and when you cut it open...

I know I'm working on my food photography,but this was pure yumness.

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