Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chocolate brownies,with raspberry?

As I said in my previous post a friend of mine just moved back to MI from here and unloaded her cupboards on me...thats how I would up with Duncan Hines brownie mix.I didnt want to just make plain brownies so I wanted to try something different.I wanted to fill them with raspberry filling...didn't work.Maybe I didn't strain it well enough but after I filled the piping bag I just couldn't really get it to go thru the tip an into the brownie.Yeeaaahhhh, well after I realized this wasn't going to work I gave up the ghost and just froze the remaining filling.

The recipe is really simple, you'll need: a bag of frozen raspberries,c of water,4 squirts of lemon juice,half c of sugar..and an indefinite amount of cornstarch...
You just dump the berries in a pot on low heat along with the water, allow them to simmer for about 10mins in goes the sugar and lemon juice.Here's the tricky part: there was a recipe online that said to put the cornstarch in water and let it dissolve. So I did that with about ahalf c of cornstarch, and it really didnt thicken it like I wanted it to.I also put it dry cornstarch in it but it just wouldn't thicken. This is what I got
Tasty but not as thick as I would have liked it.

Now as far as the brownies go I followed the box directions, only thing extra that I threw in was a cup of raspberry yogurt. I love the moistness and that extra bit of flavor.After the bake I let them cool for about an hour and 15mins while making the white chocolate drizzle.

For the white chocolate drizzle you only need a few things:white choc chips,heavy whipping cream,white cocoa powder & nutmeg! That's it that's all.
I used half a bag of white choc chips and put them over the double broiler on low heat.
Add a c and a 4th of heavy whipping cream, and a pinch of nutmeg, and a tea spn of the cocoa power,you must stir cause if you don't it will get really clumpy.Using a whisk works really well. After about 15 mins it looks like this
From here you just get a spoon, large spoon and as you take it out of the choc and get ready to drizzle wipe the back of the spoon on the bowl. If you don't you will have choc dripping all over the brownie & the plate.

They're really delish! they have that really perfect amount of raspberry in them.Maybe next time I'll get the piping in the filling thing right!

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