Thursday, April 7, 2011

Frozen bananas

You already I know why I'm posting song of the day here. Let's get on with it. April 7th 2011 today's song is Sailing by Avant. This was originally a Christopher Cross song in the 80's and beautiful song it is, but this song is Avant's, he simply owns it. I feel like Avant is one of our vocalists who happens to get slept on alot. But he really stretches out and shows his vocal ability's on this tune. It's really just a pretty, laid back relaxed song. Christopher Cross may have written this and sang it first, but this is Avant's song now.Here it is

I made frozen banans ya'll. I don't actually like bananas very much but let me quickly tell you where this idea stems from. One of fav shows is Arrested Development, the show has been CANCELED BY FOX(clearly there's some anger there) for about 5 yrs now. That doesn't stop me from catching old re- runs on tv tho. Anyhoo one of the main components of this show was the banana stand the the Bluth family owned. They sold (obviously) frozen bananas dipped in all types of treats. Here are a few funny clips:

One more:

Here is what your going to need:


So we've got red sprinkles, hazlenuts, white choc chips,whipping cream, milk choc bars(2),behind them are the craft sticks, and powdered sugar. The bananas have been cut in half and will go in the freezer for 1.5 hrs.

Whilst the bananas are in the freezer you will use that time to take a hammer to the hazlenuts, melt down your choc's, then get the powdered sugar & nuts ready for banana rolling.

I melt my choc' s down on a double broiler on medium heat. I had less white choc than dark so I used about half a cup of cream on the drk choc. You really have to eyeball it and see whats what. This only takes about 15mins.Then....

Now we are ready to dip. There are no pics of me dipping cause it's kinda hard to dip & take a picture of youself w/out spilling choc,ugh!

It's very simple I ust dipped the banana in which ever choc I desired then rolled it in the toppings. Here's what I got.

You knw whats weird? I don't like nuts,ever at all,unless its baklava.However my fav banana is the one with nuts & drk choc. They're really good. I still have a few left.

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