Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not your mama's macaroni

I'm doing the song of the day inside if the post today.I'm posting from a different computer and the song of the day are is not co-operating,oh well.Any whoo todays song is.....Luxurious by Gwen Stefani. I forgot how much I liked this song until I recently saw her in a ...Loreal? comercial. I remember when this song came out thinking "this is the millioneth time this beat has been sampled,what now?" But it actually became my jam,I think she actual brought some justice to the beat!

So now on to the business. Yesterday I did something that I didn't forsee myself every doing. I am very serious about my macaroni and cheese,I dont like anything interfering with it,or taking away from it. However last yr I came across a recipe for macaroni & cheese w/buaffalo chicken....3 nights later I drempt about it.Still didnt try it. Recently I was reading recipes as i do so often and I saw something that reminded me of it.So I gave it ago.This is my spin on it.I tried to tone it down,because this is so un-healthy it should be featured on Eat This Not That.I didn't bread & fry the chicken or use half & half. Heres what I did do:

1)Boil the pasta buisness as usual.Mince up 2 cloves of garlic and a hand full of cilantro.
--Why am I using cilantro cause in the words of John C. Reily from Stepbrothers "I'm here to f&*% sh*& up!!" No seriously I wanted to put some kinda if fresh herb in it...anything fresh this thing is not a healthy recipe!!

2) Get these 3 things:

3) Begin to shred the chicken.I used store bought rotisserie.This is done but just puling it apart with 2 forks.If its not as shredded as you'd like dont worry when you put it in the pan and its heated,shredding will be easier.

4) I used 3 types of cheese: white & yellow cheddar and colby. The majority of it I grated but I wanted to leave out some hunks to put in and on top of the pie.

5) In a saute pan with the heat on low(remember the meat is already cooked) put in enough olive oil to coat,garlic and chicken.As it begans to heat you can start pulling the chicken.Pour 7 dash's of hot sauce and a tble spn of crushed red chili flakes.After its been on for about 7 mins and its pulled to your satisfaction dump in the cilantro and turn off the heat.

6) At this point the pasta is done cooking and drained. Just go ahead and dump the pasta in with the chicken.It's very simple. Sprinkle 2 handfulls of that shredded cheese into it. Use a mixture.

6) Mix it around and if your a really cheesey person like me,sprinkle a lil more.Sprinkle all you like but make sure you have hunks to go on top.If that means you have to stop and cut more so be it!

7) Spray the baking pan with butter,pour in the macaroni and top it with the hunks.

8) It goes in the oven on 400 for 12 mins and comes out looking like this

I could have used more chicken and cilantro,but ut was so good,i can't wait to devour more of it for lunch!! It's spicy with this amazing bite and the chicken is just heavenly.Charlie Sheen isn't the only one who wins!!

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