Friday, March 11, 2011

Whats in my freezer?

Well wouldn't y'all like to know,and today's ur lucky day! I really do try to eat healthy and right and all that stuff but there's a fair amount of processed food in my freezer. The freezer is where I tend to go for something fast that can be thrown in the oven or microwave.So here it is:

It seems that whenever I buy filo dough I buy too much,so this has been seated in my freezer since December.Next to that is my ground turkey,down for whatever,I love it for that.Behind that is frozen green beans.They are very old,I don't even want to think about how long they've been there.Last time I used them I stuffed a chicken breast with them,smoked gouda and baked in BBQ sauce.In the red & yellow Shorts(box)!! is turkey sausage,cause I don't eat red meat.Atop that is shrimp,which is a staple in my home.To me its as important as eggs,There are soo many things to do with shrimp!!

Left of the shrimp is a large frozen pizza. its just so easy when i get home,tired,don't feel like cooking.As much as I love food I have those days.Pizza goes in the oven and 22mins later I'm eating.Next to that in the plastic bag of garlic bread I made.Nope i didn't actually make the bread but I made the spread that goes on it. That bread will last me a while, and its pretty good.Under that is chocolate ice cream and empenadas.Again empenadas are one of those processed things I throw in the oven and 10mins later I'm eating.I really can imagine my life w/out them. Is that sad? In front if the pizza is a frozen tortellini that I will carry to work for lunch.Oh and it was on sale, I think like $1,love that.Chungs egg rolls mmmm.Sometimes I eat these alone,but normally they go in the oven whilst I'm frying rice and sauteing potstickers.

Now the freezer door:
The chicken potstickers I was just telling you about..I get them from trader joe's and they're like $3.So worth it because this one bag will last me 5 meals.You know how sometimes you get a bag and it's half full of air?? not the case here. Behind that is frozen corn and peas perfect for....I really dont have time to list all of that. Next to those are my tilapia fillets which thaw sooo fast.I really like that.If I sit them on the stove at 615pm they're thawed by 640pm. Sometimes I forget to stick my meat in the fridge and defrost overnight;when i do this comes in handy.In front of them are multi-purposed chicken breast slabs, i use then for EVERYTHING.Waffle fries,easy for the mornings.Put them on a cookie sheet on 400 and they are good to go in 20mins.So that's my freezer, not to processed right? Do you have any of the same things in your freezer? Don't be shy speak up,I wanna hear you!

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