Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shrimp Bowl

Todays song of the day will be posted form here,for reasons I've explained before: Todays song is by Kenny Lattimore, its called Healing, this is such a beautiful song. This song got me thru soo much. I was transferring high schools, my sister had just left for college and whew, this whole CD was really a life saver for me but especially this song. He demonstrates such vocal awesomness on this song. Is it me or is he underated? This is the link just scroll downto # 30.

I've said this before and I'll tell you again; I don't like chili,soup, stew, broth, gumbo or jambalya,anything along those lines. That being said I did something completely out of character yesterday..I made a soup/gumbo and I actually ate it, it was good. Actually I don't know what to call it yet. Here's how it went down:
A friend of mine recently moved back to MI from Chicago. She pratically emptied out her cupboards and gave stuffto me. Panera donates free bread to her son's headstart school to she gave me 2 loaves of bread plus a bread bowl. I had some leftover Cabernet marinara sauce I wanted to use before it went bad.So I made some dish thats a cross between a chicken pozole bowl , currently being sold at Chipotle and jambalya. I used these ingriedients:

Starting top right: Bell pepper( less than a quarter)
1 ear of corn, red onion( less than a quarter), 1.5 cloves of garlic,handful of cilantro chopped, approx. 12 pcs of shrimp, 2 pcs turkey sausage chopped.

I just cut the top off this and dug the bread out of it.
It's a really simple recipe these are the only other things I needed.Cabernet marinara sauce,red pepper flakes & kumen. Oh yeah i used some white rice, I just soaked in warm water first.
On low heat pour half the pasta sauce in the pot, then half a cup of water. From here its just really a matter of dumping things in to the pot.The rice goes in last, then you season w/ 3 pinches of pepper flakes & kumen. ( I didn't use any measuring utensils guys sorry)

THis is to simmer on medium heat for about 15mins.The rice doesn't need to go in till about the 12th minute.Here's my finished product:

Topped w/ parmesan. It's spicy and I plan on eating the remainder today with tortilla chips and cheddar cheese! Ok so what exactly is this?soup,gumbo?

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