Thursday, March 17, 2011

$625 for a cookbook...

Hey Bloggers & Bloggette's I'll be posting today's song of the day here because this computer runs some kinda script where it would literally take an hour to post a song in the song column. Upward and onward in honor of Nate Dogg's passing I decided to share my 2 favorite Nate Dogg songs with you. I don't really enjoy rap (especially not today's rap!) but nate dogg just had such a smooth voice and I always felt like he was waaayyy underated.
The first song is actually from the movie Head Of State,
This song is called Regulate w/ Warren G.This is by far my fav Nate Dogg song ever! I think part of the reason I loove it so is because it samples Michael McDonald's I keep Forgetting.

So by now your all on the edge of your seat wondering what is this business about a $625.00 cookbook. Well its true I didn't make itup. Here thumb thru it yourselves:
Good news guys, its currently on sale for $461.00 !! I would never in my mind be able to justify spending that on 1 ckbk. 20 ckbk's yea but not 1.Please dont get it twisted I adore ckbk's. I have at least 35. When I was in college and broke( which was not out the norm) I used to love to go to the bookstoore and get 3 ckbk's and grab a comfy seat and read thru them like they were novels. I still do that occasionally.
This is no ordinary cookbook tho. There are things in here I didn't even know were humanly possible to do. I kinda think this book was made by genuis's because really who else woulda thunk this stuff. Yep I said thunk. Really guys this stuff is completely outta of the ordinary. There is a tomato water basil sphere's ,who does that?? seriously is it me or is this book the 9th wonder of the world(fax machines are the 8th). I'm gonna keep this post short and let you all look at the link urselves. If any of you buy the book, after you read it ship it to me please. I'll make a few photo copies of the things I like and send it right back,thanx.

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