Sunday, March 20, 2011

Heaven On Seven

I tried a new restaurant this week,guys. Its called Heaven On 7 its very Louisiana very creole, the area I sat in kinda reminded me of a back porch. It's a very busy atmosphere. One of the first things I noticed right when I sat down was that there were 12 different sauces on my table;12. Yes ya'll and though I didn't taste all of them I wanted to just show you a few of the most interesting,creative bottles.

I know you can't read it very well but its called Ass on Antarctica, this was a sweet spicy sauce,crazy right? Wait there's 2 more.

This was a hot sauce,I'm not really a hot sauce kinda girl but from what the waitress told me this is the kinda sauce that if your gonna use it ,you better have a glass a ice water in your other hand.

Yea you read it right, I was told this was more of marinade type sauce, but I just thought the bottle was the cutest dern thing!

Ok on to the food which really wasn't that great. I ordered the cajun chicken po'boy. It came with a salad ; if you consider wet spring mix,cucumber,tomato and shredded carrots a salad. My dressing was some kinda cajun honey mustard, not bad but nothing I intend to go back for.Onto the po'boy it was pretty ok. It was seasoned pretty well,high in sodium but a little over cooked.It was served to me in a very interesting manner,take a look:
There are sauteed green onions on it,roasted tomatoes as well. Hmmm I've never had a po'boy sandwich served to me quite like this. Of course I cut the onions and sprinkled a few of them on my sandwich. Now the coleslaw had bouts of flavoring.What I mean is there were spoonfuls of slaw that were seasoned and spoonfuls that were not...So yea...I don't intend to actually go back here under my own free will.

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