Monday, March 7, 2011

Menna's Joint (The Only Legal Joint in Town)

Hi guys,did yall enjoy that macaroni & cheese?I just ate the last of it yesterday and I am begining to wonder how I ever ate mac n' cheese before.Whew that was good stuff....

Anyhoo I went back to college town this weekend, thats right East Lansing MI.One of my dearest friends got married! And my bff asked me to be her sons God-mother!! Well the christening isnt until May but I'm soo excited. I wanna share with you one of my favorite things about East Lansing. It's not a very busy city and it tends to go to bed early but it has its treasures.It didn't take me very long to discover this particular treasure!

Menna's joint is located in downtown east lansing right in the bar hopping area.They also have other locations in Lansing and Mt.Pleasant. Ya'll know Lansing and East Lansing are 2 different cities right? East Lansing is NOT the east side of Lansing two different area codes. Ah I've digressed, ahhem as I was saying Menna' s Joint is located in a hot spot.Even though they're only a block away from Buffalo Wild Wings they hold they're own. Whats a dub? it's whatever wrapped in a giant tortilla.YESS !!! yumness!Look at this menu !

Menna's not only stays open till like 4am but they deliver just as late. This is the perfect spot for after hours eating,especially if your drunk,trust me(did I mention I went to Michigan State Sparty on!) If you are going after hours and its summer please know that they're will be a line. Wrapped around the door,its that good.

Let me share with you my fav dub. This is the CT Dub,the first on the menu and rightfully so!NO SOUR CREAM,I understand to each his own but hold the sour cream.It's hot and the cheese is all melty and the potatoes are seasoned and the chicken is yuumness and the wrap is heated,and its like $6.00

It's big and you get what you pay for.You know everybody has their vices,whenever I go back to Lansing my hair stylist demands that I bring her some of Garrett's Chicago mix.Menna's is my east Lansing vice,I have to have it.

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