Monday, March 14, 2011

White Pizza

I made my very first white pizza guys and its pretty darn good!! A tad rich too. There are many different white pizzas but this one has potatoes with rosemary & dill on it,that's right! Though I do have a beautifully inventive mind I didn't make this up.I got it from pizza capri : Except I used alfredo sauce. It is my favorite pizza from there.So here's the rundown on the rundown:

Here's what you'll need for the potatoes:I use 2 sm redskin potatoes,as this is not a potato pie,it's a pie featuring potatoes.
Steam the potatoes for about 15mins on high heat then toss them in enough olive oil to coat,pinch of salt & pepper,1 tblespn of dill & rosemary.When you get ready to put the potatoes on the pizza make sure you drain them so you don't have extra oil.

What you'll need for the crust:
After rolling out blind bake for 10 mins on 400.

What you'll need for the Alfredo sauce:

I grated the garlic and put in a saute pan on low heat with soup spoon full of butter.Then put in the chicken it was cute pretty small so it cooked fast.When its been cooking for about 5 mins;slowly and gracefully add in the cream,and 2 pinches of pepper.When it starts to curdle began to whisk in the cheese.Add cheese slowly(parmesan) and add untill sauce begins to thicken,to where its still a sauce but a thick one.Then turn the heatoff.It will thicken as it sits, on the eye but heat off.For the cheese I just used a white & yellow cheddar about a 1.5 c's of each. Then you dump the filling into the crust,allll the fillings. Potatoes,chicken & alfredo the whole kit & kaboodle,baby! It then goes in the oven for about 20mins on 400 degree's.

After it came out I brushed the crust w/olive oil & parmesan
Ta-da!! The best part??? leftovers!!

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