Sunday, January 29, 2012

Breakfast potatoes

just loove me some James Taylor don't you? Prolific songwriter,every song has a story...thats when music meant somethin,I remember those days...Used to be her Town   is one of those songs,fun to sing along with and a great story to listen to.

This is an uber easy recipe but slightly time consuming so I would suggest doing this on weekends. Potatoes w/herbs simple but a lovely take on breakfast potatoes,here's what you'll need:

Obviously I forgot to include the potato in the picture,whoops. All I used was one potato. Chop a half a tblspn of rosemary really well,throw it in a bowl along with half a tblspn dill,salt & peppa to taste and a lil less than half a cup of olive oil. Mix them together.
2.Pour the potatoes into the bowl and make sure all pieces get coated well.Turn the oven onto 375.

3.Put the potato on a cookie sheet and into the oven,make sure that all of the pieces are spread out and not on top of each other,so that they bake to a crisp. Leave them in for about 20mins tossing only once.

4. Once they come out sprinkle just a little salt over the top,not too much,we don't want hypertension. Thats that!! They're always soo yummy,and super easy!

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