Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Southwestern BBQ Chicken Casserole

Bill withers is one of the finest lyricist of our time.You Just can't smile it away   is a fine example of that. I discovered this song in 10th grade and mannn did it get me thru some rough times,you know those times where certain little boys didn't even know I existed,ha!

Ok so I wanted to do something with my crockpot,cause its that time of year;So I grabbed the BBQ sauce I bought from Homegoods a while ago,turned the crock pot on low and got to work.Here's what you'll need:

This is two large chicken breast cubed.I didn't use all of it tho,more like a chicken breast in a half.Thats half a bell pepper,a lil under a cup of onion,1 tblspn cilantro and 3 sm garlic gloves.

At this point the crock pot is already on low so pour in all the BBQ sauce and a cup of water,then add in the chicken,garlic,half the cilantro,onions,pepper & blk beans.After these have been marrying together for 45 mins dump in a bag of rice.Continue to cook this for about an hour & 15 mins.Now take out the chicken get two forks and begin to shred the meat.

After is all been shredded put it back in and let it continue to cook for another 35 mins.While this is happening you will need to grate half a cup of colby,cheddar and chihuahua cheese's.

Oops this is a picture from before the chicken was shredded.Now then! after everything is cooked turn the crock pot off and the oven on to 375.You are ready to assemble the casserole. You'll need 2 tortillas,first spray the pan w/some butter/not stick spray.Then lay down the first tortilla, scoop out some of the mixture from the crock pot and sprinkle a little of each of the cheese's on top,then do it once again and the remainder of the cilantro goes on top.

This is right after the first layer.

Here is the finished product!! Its sooo good.I still have so much of the meat mixture left I'll be making enchilada's with it next week!!I really like this because it's relatively easy. I can put it in the crock pot and go on about my business,aanndd I have days of leftovers.

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