Sunday, January 22, 2012

Herbed Tortellini

In lieu of the fact that my favorite singer has gone to glory.I'll be giving you a few of her songs that I just looooved. Etta in my opinion was "the voice",just like the show,man she had "it" she just did! Here are my top 2 fav's:

 Trust in Me and All I could was Cry ohhh and this is the last one I promise Lovin You more everyday

Can you believe I made tortellini for the first time last night,as much as I like it never made it before...well I didn't make it, I bought it from Trader Joe's and prepared it. Last night the Lifetime original Drew Peterson story Untouchable came on,and you know I looove me some lifetime,anyhoo I wanted to prepare myself a nice meal to go along with the movie. Here are the usual suspects:

Obviously your going to need about 2 c's tortellini,forgot to take that picture.Upper right corner is half c of asiago& parmesan cheese,beneath that 2 tblspns chopped sage,1.5 tblspns rosemary and 2 sm cloves garlic.
1)At this point you want to get your water to a rapid boil,when that happens for on the pasta.
2) You'll need 3.5 table spns of butter on med in a sauce pan then pour in the herbs and stir

3) After it begins to look like this slowly add in the heavy cream,I think I used about a lil under a cup,its all about the consistency you want. Add in the cream little by little. After you add in the first bit of cream,toss in the garlic,and you have to constantly stir this,add in salt,pepper and cheese,then immediately turn the heat off. Continue to stir.

4) Toss the tortellini in this,it will be delicious and you will want to lick the spoon,if you are anything like will give in.

Here's the grand finale! Sooo good,not the healthiest thing I've made but damn was it worth the calories!!

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