Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Jones a southern treat!

So I am not a big fan of Aerosmith at all,however they have 3 songs that I just love. Dude Looks like a Lady    is #1 on that list. I always think of Mrs.Doubtfire whenever I hear this song,because this song was in the movie and that's kinda how I came to love it!

Today I come to you with a review of Big Jones a southern delicacy in Andersonville. Let me first tell you the bad things,well really there is only one! I made a reservation for 1230pm on a Sunday. I got there right around that time but my friend did not arrive until about 1250 and we were not seated until 105,so by the time I sat down I was heated. Do you know that even if you make a reservation if your full party is not there at the time,other patrons who don't have reservations will be seated before you. That pissed me off,something else was that the hostess wasn't going to tell me that. Shortly after I arrived she told me she'd have a table ready in 5 mins,only to tell me 20mins later (after I'd asked) that I had to wait for the other member of my party to get there. I didn't appreciate that at all,but the food made up for it.

We were so hungry we ordered the cornbread with the honey butter,it was so amazingly delish!!

These were complimentary,and we devoured them. Maybe the best beignets I've had in a while,and not greasy like some others I've had.

I had the simple southern breakfast and no regrets here! The menu says there was smoked bacon but thats not the case. I had some kinda crawfish cake and it was the best cake ever! Now for the age old I going back?? yes but maybe later in the day. Be sure to come back later this week for my killer breakfast potatoes and decadent ganache. Umm no I don't eat them together!

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