Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lemon poppy seed scones

Everytime I listen to any song by Tears for Fears I think of old John Hughes movies..why is that?? I think some of their music must've been in one or several of his films...maybe Breakfast Club.Everybody wants to rule the world is today's jam,I didn't start listening to this music until I was older,but isn't it still so relevant??

A few weeks ago I went to Homegoods for the first time and wow!! It was pretty awesome....I had to get out before I spent to much money.For someone who has an obsession with kitchens and a love for bargain buying...this could be dangerous.I cant wait to go back for more,hehehe! While I was there I bought a lemon poppy seed scone mix as well as a bbq sauce I will blog about later this week.The scones were really easy and on sale for $3.99!! Lets begin.Here's what you'll need:

The recipe only called for regular milk but I had this condensed milk that I wanted to use before it went bad,just a cup of it and 6 tblspns oil,then mix until its all incorporated.

I blended with a for until it was incorporated well.
So the box says you can just scoop out the batter and plop it onto the cookie sheet.Alot like the devil the box is a liar.Don't even bother with a spoon,use your hand. I made about 14 scones this size and I still have batter left.

The came out really well.The bottoms were browner than I thought they would have been,but yummy. I will forwarn you;they are very very lemony,and just as sweet.That burst of flavor will hit you,I want to buy this mix again and use regular milk,I think it would be less sweet,right? Be sure to come back this week to see what awesome things I'm doing with BBQ sauce!!

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