Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black Womens Expo 2011

Hey bloggers & bloggettes,how have you been?? Well I hope. I had a rather busy week and wknd. As you know I was a vendor at the Black womens expo this wknd.I sold a corn salsa,bbq sauce and a salad dressing. All hand made by me,all natural no preservatives. Well guys I didn't sell out, which kinda had me down until Tuesday....

A woman I met at the expo told me she wrote for the examiner and that she'd be doing a write up of the expo and she might include me. What she didn't say was that she would be listing me as one of the top 5 vendors!!! Can you believe it?? Little ol me one of the top 5. You can read the article here:

Is God awesome or what? I met so many genuine and encouraging people all weekend it really warmed my heart.Folks who didn't know me from Adam or Eve but were proud of me,how cool is that? Don't ask God to order your steps if you don't mean it!

Like I said before I had been feeling down about not selling out of everything but when I saw that article it made that whole exhausting weekend worth it. Now I'll share some pictures:

Corn salsa sample

Best shot I could get of most of the table.

Yours truly,yea my booth was right next to the rifle assoc...

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