Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Ultimate grilled cheese

Well today's song will be mildly out of character for me as I do not like re-mix's.I only like to re-mix in the kitchen.I don't mind a re-do if it's done well,but no re-mix's. That being said I bring to you what is the best re-mix I've ever heard. We all remember the Destiny's Child Hit Say My name well here is the re-mix.It's waaayyy better than the original.

So by now we all now that cheese is my favorite food.Early this week I just got the hankering for a decadent grilled cheese sammich.I couldn't figure out what else I wanted on it though.I first thought bacon would be nice and it would but all that cheese and bacon is like sodium overload.So I vetoed that...then I went to my go to food,eggplant.Yes grilled cheese w/ grilled eggplant & onions,pure yumness. Here's what you'll need:

We have here:roughly a handful of parsley(some will be for garnis),2 slices of farmer bread,few slices of onions,2 slices of eggplant,1/2 c of aged w.cheddar & 1/2 c of y.cheddar.
1) After cheese has been grated,parsley,onions & eggplant cut;turn your grill (mine is a gridle I call it a grill...because I want to!) onto about 400 degrees.
2) Then pour a little olive oil and spread it around half the grill and put down the onions and eggplant. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.Cook the onions untill they are browning but still have a crunch,the eggplant should cook on both sides for 5 mins.
3)After this is done take it off the grill and put aside.
4) Now get a tblspn butter and olive oil to coat and put down on the grill.Then grab most of the parsley and a few shakes of the herbs De provence and mix it around in the oil & butter,were making an herb could also buy herb butter,but who does that??LOL.
5) Now put the bread down and load the cheese on

 6)After the bread has been down for about 4 mins add on the eggplant & onions,then turn the oven onto broil and put them in for about 5 mins.It will be melty deliciousness!

It will come out looking just as desirable as this,and you will immeadiately want to dive in,and you will.

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