Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting to know you...just like the King & I

Remember the other day how I said I don't like remix's but I love a good re-do. Well on his latest album Tank (the most under-rated talent slept on singer) does a re-make of the old classic I can't make you love me.Listen here .I really think he does this song so beautifully,and he really does it justice.Everybody can't saang like this yall!

Earlier this week whilst reading one of my favorite blogs it gave me an idea for an interesting post Jess at the sauciest kitchen kinda did a questionnaire and I thought it would give you guys some insight into who I am.Because we all know thats what the world is clamoring for...more of me!! Let's get to it I won't torture you any longer.

1.What 5 items are always in your fridge?       

2.Do you write a grocery list or shop off the cuff? 
I MUST MUST have a list.I will not shop w/out if i did I'd come home $40 over budget and with items I don't need.

3.What is the most unused item in your kitchen?  
The Crock pot..purchased in July and I've used it 3 times,no 4.

4.What do you have in your kitchen that seems odd to visitors?
Hmph.. nothing really. I do have a picture of Janet Leigh screaming in my shower tho...folks get a kick outta that.Put there haven't been many ppl in my shower..and never any men :)

5)What one condiment could you not live without?
Mustard,spicy & brown.It helps me function.

6.What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
It changes with the seasons but for now a manhattan

7.What is your favorite food?
You already know...CHEESE. Sooo many things you can do with it.

8.What kitchen items have you never owned?
Where do I begin...pasta maker,bread maker,ice cream maker,mandolin,garlic press,food proccessor yada,yada,yada.

9.If you could grow 3 herbs in your garden what would it be?

10.What 5 items would you pack for a lunch at the park?
Ummm all the possiblities..Homemade sangira,shrimp qusadilla,spicy rice,pound cake and raspberry yogurt.

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