Sunday, August 14, 2011

Banana upside down Cake

Have you ever heard of a banana upside down cake? I hadn't. I had this idea in my mind..something like a play upon pineapple upside down cake. Sure enough I looked online and recipes did actually exist. Well ya'll already know I have a hard time following directions so I didn't really follow any specific recipe. Here's what I did:

1)Make bananas foster,if you need guidance,here it is : ( I used 3 bananas)
2) Then you'll need some kind of cake...I used a white batter cake mix (on sell for 97 cent)
3) Take one banana and mash it up with a for really well.

3 cont'd) make cake batter and mix smashed banana in,mix really ,really well.

4) Turn oven on to 400,then spray cake pan w/butter,then pour in the bananas foster and make sure to spread them about so that they will cover the top of the cake.

Yea..when I did this the bananas didn't actually stay put at the bottom they kinda floated around the side,but oh well!

5) After is baked on 400 for 40 mins its ready to come out.

Now whats that big hump doing on top?? I dunno do you? After this the only thing left to do is enjoy.

See what I mean when I said the bananas didn't stay on the bottom like I wanted them to,they moved to the side. It was still a scrumptious cake,even tho there's only one banana in the cake the flavor is still very present.It really is one of the better cakes I've made. I served it with vanilla ice cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

This is my new favorite cake,seriously it is so delicious and has an amazing array of flavors.It's not to hard either!

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