Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Potatoes on a kabob?

So I have been trying to figure out for a while now how I'm going to do song of the day. I tried to just get a song to play whenever you clicked on a certain post a different song would play...but I am really really horrible with computers,not good at all. So clearly that did not work.I have deleted the song of day page cause really who was checking it?? I will simply just post a song here at the top of every post.So here goes.....

This is my favorite song from El Debarge's latest album,its just classic El; and I love it! listen here

So last nite,kabobs w/potatoes! I've never done kabobs before and I won't be doing it to often. It took me longer than I thought it would. The chopping,the spearing the object onto the skewer craft stick,the end result was rather tasty tho. I really wanted to try something I've never done and kinda keep it healthy and fresh. I ended up using 2 carbs (potato's & rice) but feel free to substitute one when you try the recipe. I already know after you read this you'll be rushing to get home and serve this for dinner.LOL, here's what you'll need:

You will also need craft sticks which you can get @ Michael's!

1) Soak or boil your rice, while this is occurring get a saute pan and put it on low heat. Then add the butter and 1/2 c of olive oil.If you've got garlic/herb butter use it!

2) Once the butter has melted in goes the rosemary and stir that around a bit until the smell becomes almost sinful or 3 mins. Then in goes garlic,salt,basil & oregano.Stir for another 2 mins then turn the heat off.

3)Now wash a potato and cube it up,then put it on a microwave safe bowl and cover the cubes w/ water and zap them in the microwave for 2 mins.

4) Get a bell pepper & onion and cut them into..ummm pieces...triangular like.Yes do it now,simultaneously while reading this.Now all you have to do is cube the chicken breast.

5) You can load the items onto the stick anyway you'd like. Most of mine wound up with at least 2 pieces of chicken. When this is done turn the oven onto 400 and start spooning that herb mixture onto each kabob.Make sure that each side gets in on some of that delicious herb mix.They are now ready for the oven.

6) Now its time to cook the rice. The kabobs will be in the oven for about 12 mins and you will turn them 7 mins in. We have time for rice and maybe an adult beverage...
7)You will cook the rice in the same pot you made the herb mixture in. First you need to grab a spatula and scrap the garlic and leftover rosemary into the trash.Don't worry the flavor will still be there.

8)Put the pan down on low heat and add a little butter ( yea we're Paula Deening it today).I had leftover peppers and onion so i cooked it along with the rice. So pour it all in,then add some garlic pepper and salt. Toss it to get it seasoned well. At this point everything is about ready to come together!
It was really good and the rice had just the right amount of seasonings,the potatoes & chicken worked well together.It will be a while before I do this again but I've got to get around to it soon!

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