Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brown bagging it !

Today's song is one of my very fav's and its a constant prayer of mine. Order my Steps is a simple prayer,and it helps keep me focused and God in control. But remember don't ask Him to order your steps if you aren't really ready to step!

So today were talking about brown bagging it. I've found myself having alot of convo's about my lunches and how I manage my to always bring my lunch,something tasty and blah blah.Chicago has some amazing food but eating lunch out everyday can be costly;and not real nutritious. I'm a really organized person so lunch is typically taken care of the night before,and I like to keep it healthy as well.Here are three of my easiest go to weekday lunches.

1)A tuna melt (recipe here) it's super simple and with it I typically grab a yogurt,pear or small bag of lays chips. Always lays because is as natural as a potato chip can get.

2) Leftovers! You guys have seen my blog so you know the kinds of things I typically eat. It is sooo easy for me to grab some tupperwear and just pack up the previous nights dinner. If it's only a small serving I'll grab mango or yogurt to go along with it.

3)Healthy choice steamers,they look like this .I admit the sodium is little higher than I'd like,but I typically only eat one of these a week.The potassium and vitamin count is pretty good though.

So thats that. I hope this gives you guys some ideas about how to save money,time and eat a little better. If not...well I hope I amused you somehow!

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