Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why I love the Neely's

Hey bloggers & blogette's, welcome to part 2 of my 3 fav food network personalities. It's the Neely's !! I just love them. I have never had a desire to visit Memphis, TN until I started watching their show,now I can't wait to get down there. Did you know they are the first black people to have their own show on the food network. Yes they have done specials featuring black people,but the Neely's were the first to have their very own show,I love that. You know something else I recently found out about them? this is the 2nd marriage for both of them. Their oldest daughter is actually Gina's child from her 1st marriage. I feel like they both got it right this time.."it" being the marriage,which brings me to my next point....

They are obviously very very in love. I really get a kick out of that,not just seeing how happy they are after 17yrs of marriage,but they are in real love! Have you ever watched their show? If you haven't,let me tell you,they border on sexually inappropriate.But it's great and funny.They're always kissing,making eyes at each other and sometimes I can tell Pat wants to grab Ginas butt but he won't because they're filming.Hehehehe. I'll be watching the show sometimes and I'll say to myself "did he just do that" or "did she just say that". They are just so excitng to watch and they really do make you feel at home.

I love that they are always remixing some recipe. I'm all about taking something real traditional and turning it up-side. I enjoy experimenting, and just trying new things. We know that they love to put everything on the grill,but I will never forget what I saw them do one episode about 2 yrs ago.Are you ready for it?? They put romain lettuce on the grill.Yeah you heard what I said.Romain lettuce.Grilled. They were pleased and enjoyed their salad or whatever weird concoction thet were making. Yes that was weird,but I still love them.Tune in next week for the last of this series.

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