Friday, February 11, 2011

Easy Birthday cake

My sister is coming to town this wknd for her bday which is actually until Tuesday. Last week was a very grueling one for her as it was Crystal Couture week. She's a model in the DMV area (DC,Maryland & Virginia) and she walked almost every night last week.*Walked meaning she strutted down the runway.*

I decided to make her a cake,which prolly isn't as lovely as the cake I ordered last year when we went to Vegas for her bday. It was soo cute and had a harp on it...anyhoo this ain't that,so she better still find it in her heart to love me! I made a small cake because she doesn't eat much cake and if it's not around neither do I.Here is the recipe I used

I like this site because you can change the portions,to fit your needs. However it isn't always that accurate. I scaled it down to 4 serving and it told me to use only 5/8th's of an egg,among othe obscure measurements,funny. Yes you guessed it,I only kinda followed the recipe. I used 2 eggs,1.5 c's of flour and 1/2 c of milk.

Here are some tips for cake decorating:

1)Always draw out exactly what you want the cake to look like, down to the smallest details.In reality your cake will probably never look like what you drew but its good to have diagram to help guide you.

2)I took a wilton method cake decorating class 3 yrs ago.Please dont write me any hatemail if the cake is decorated up to your Buddy Valastro standard's !!

3) Always decorate the cake on a charger/plate that spins. It will make it really easy to put icing on and easier to turn as your decorating.

4) Always have a toothpick handy if ur gonna be writing words. Sometimes when you get to the end of the letter there's that last peice of icing that wants to hang off the side of the letter or something annoying. The toothpick is for cleaning that up.

Fresh out of the oven

All iced out

I got this at wal-mart for $1.50,I got a green one to.They're great because all you have to to is put on the Wilton tips,that I already had.This way you dont have to worry about cleaning your icing bag or buying the disposable ones.

I didn't do too much decorating, but I did a nice trim with a really easy tip.
Well thats the final product. The letters are incredible crooked,I know.I'd like to get back into my cake decorating.

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