Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breakfast Skillets

Today we're talking about breakfast skillets which are the 9th wonder of my world,because fax machine are the 8th.I just love the concept of a breakfast skillet because there are so many different ingredients and flavours you can add to them. Today's skillet is very simple, and only takes about 25mins.

What you need:
1)An Idaho,or yukon gold potato
2) Rosemary
3) Dill
4) turkey bacon or sausage(I don't eat red meat)
5)1 green onion
6) 3 eggs
7) Cheddar & asiago cheese
8) salt
9) Basil
(This skillet lasts me 2 days)

Its a very simple recipe:
1) Wash the potato and cube it up, you can throw it in the food processor but I do it by hand.
2)Put the potato in a microwave safe bowl then put warm water in the bowl so that it covers the potato's.Put this in the microwave for 2mins and 20sec's.

3)Drain the potato,then get a "skillet" hehe.. coat the bottom w/olive oil and put the potatoes in.
4) Keep it on med heat because if you turn it up the potatoes will get real brown and golden like you want it,but they wont be cooked thru.
5)Dice up 3 slices of bacon, 1 grn onion and mince the rosemary about 1/2 a cap full.(use the cap of the rosemary)

6) Season the potatoes w/ 2 dash's of dill, rosemary, bacon and the onions.Keep the heat low and toss occasionally.

I really wish you guys could smell this because at this point it begins to smell incredible!!!

7) Whisk 3 eggs and put a piece if rye in the toaster.
8)After the potatoes,bacon and onions have been hanging together for about 7mins pour in the eggs.
9) Season generously with basil and salt.After the eggs have adequately scrambled sprinkle with cheddar and asiago cheese's.

It was sooo good,leftovers for breakfast tomorrow! Oh and at some point you take the toast out of the toaster.

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