Friday, February 25, 2011

Eat this not that !

Ya'll know I love the Eat This Not That right? Well this article is about the 30 saltiest foods in America.You can read it here :

This article literally blew my mind.I really couldn't believe a few of the things were sooo sodium saturated. Like the Blimpie vege sub,my father used to get that all the time and we all really thought it was the best thing on the menu,we were so wrong,wow! After reading this it will really open your eyes to exactly what it is were put in in our bodies.The next time I go out I've resolved to ordering a head of romaine,lemon juice,olive oil and vege-sal. Thats safe..right?

I'm sharing this article w/you guys not to make you never go out again and eat un-seasoned rice forever but just to raise your awareness. It'd important for me to eat healthy and know what I'm putting in my system,but also to enjoy what I'm eating.I grew up eating health food and I will not do it anymore.Everything was a substitute,soy hot dogs,honey in our off brand cereal as opposed to sugar...I will eat healthy but I will not eat health food!

Before I leave you to your reading I want to leave you with a short list of ..phrases that help me to differentiate between good for me and bad for me:
1.Parmesan Crusted
2. Cream base
3.Deep fried (duh!!)
4.Smothered in
5.Ranch Dressing
6.Butter sauce
Happy reading guys ! Tune in next week to see how my dinner party goes!

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