Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spanakopita !!

I really enjoy spanakopita,not only is it an excellent source of iron,but its easy to make and really only takes about 35mins to make. It's also a really good way to get kids to eat their spinach. I discovered this recipe by way of Emeril Lagasse,he made it seem sooo effortless.It really isn't that hard.

His recipe is what I use:
I do a few things different though:
*I don't use frozen spinach, I use fresh pull the stems off,wash & drain then cook till wilted.
*The only seasonings I use are,kumen,basil and salt. I don't bother with parsley,oregano or lemon juice
* I use green onions
* I use peppered feta
* Altogether I used 5 sheets of filo and I'm glad I did.I love it to have the puff and crunch,yummo!

Things you should know when Spanakopitaing: ( that's not a word,yea I know)
*ALWAYS DRAIN THE SPINACH WHEN YOUR DONE COOKING IT.You don't need any leftover spinach water running out of the pastry,TRUST ME, drain it.
*Even though spinach cooks waaaaayyyy down you still shouldn't cook alot.The reason for this is because you don't want to put that much of the mixture in the filo or it won't fold right and it will burst open.This has also been learned from experience.I made this for the first bridal expo I did and um....I've since learned my lesson.
*Always put the pastry seam down on the baking sheet.
* I never really know what shape I want my spanakopita to be,today it was triangles. If it's not an even triangle just grab the pizza cutter and trim the sides a little.

Cooked w/grn onions 5 buttered filo sheets later

The filling Filo has been cut to begin filling & folding

Let the filling begin!
They're ready for take off

They are soo good,and they will freeze well!

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